Short Term Operation Relief Mission (STORM)

is life changing. It is a partner-volunteering program with local organisations who has grassroots impact in communities. STORM will rock your boat, make you uncomfortable and stretch you in ways you would never imagine. If you are ready, read on.

We are looking for volunteers who are willing and daring to experience life outside of their comfort zone. You will be part of a community that will be quite different from what you are used to and you will be tasked to various duties such as teaching English, educating pre-schoolers, community clean-ups, construction work such as brick laying, building and painting and visits to rural villages. Your tasks will differ depending on the immediate need and the time of your stay.

Do you have what it takes? We are looking for volunteers who are flexible, friendly, teachable, passionate, ready to give, hands-on, eager to learn, mild-tempered and looking for a life-changing, meaningful experience? If you’re nodding to all of the mentioned, then you’re a very likely STORM candidate and we’d love to hear from you.

Here are the steps to apply:

  • Read about STORM below.
  • Fill up the STORM application form below.
  • Wait to hear from us within 2 working days of your submission.
  • If all goes well, we will arrange for a quick chit chat via Skype or over coffee.
  • Pack your bags, catch your flight and come on over!


  • Be part of a mission that’s bigger than yourself and be part of the journey of creating positive change in rural communities.
  • Grab this opportunity to gain practical hands-on experience in ongoing community development work and understand the issues surrounding it.
  • Get out of your comfort zone and live a different kind of lifestyle. It will open your eyes and change your perspective on this thing called ‘life’.
  • Apply your expertise and experience by helping us empower the local community. We are looking for individuals with varied experience – from doctors to teachers to videographers. Your skills are valuable to us and we know, everyone has something to bring to the table.

    At this moment, we have two STORM locations – Battambang, Cambodia and Sabah, Malaysia.

    [tabs][tab title=”Sabah, Malaysia”]


    Our second volunteering program is based in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, the land below the wind. Edged with mountains on one side and the oceans on the other, it is not hard to fall in love with this beautiful island and her people. You will have the opportunity to forge new friendships and build meaningful relationships with local Sabahans who are known to be warm and friendly.

    During your STORM Sabah stint, you will provide tuition assistance youth and children living in the rural areas Sabah. Additionally, you may be involved in special events and activities depending on the time and season of your coming. Many families in rural Sabah are still farmers and depend on agricultural dollars to survive – as such you will also have the opportunity to get your hands dirty and help with farming, learn about village life and delve deeper into the culture and tradition of unique Sabah.


    Fill in your recommended dates in the sign up form.

    We recommend individuals to stay a minimum duration of 10 days. Volunteers can also choose to stay for four (4) weeks or eight (8) weeks if you have the time to spare (program fee will vary depending on the length of stay. The minimum duration is set for the following reasons:

    Travelling to the villages takes up a fair amount of time. It takes a minimum of 2 hours to reach the nearest village.
    We want to get you into a routine which will allow you to really live like a local and immerse in the new lifestyle of rural villagers.
    We realize that in 10 days, most people would have experienced at least one incident that really got them out of their comfort zone or challenged the way they perceived life. We want that for you as well, if you are willing to stretch your time with us for at least 10 days.
    Your stint with us should be measurable. This is not a holiday and the time you invest here should yield results. 10 days is the ideal minimum duration for us to chart your impact.
    Finally, for the new friendships you are about to make, those need time to grow and we hope that you will take this opportunity to build lasting relationships with your new local friends through fellowship and hang outs.

    FEES – RM1,100 (for 10 days duration)

    The package fee includes the following: accommodation cost, all meals throughout the stay, pick up and drop off to/from Kota Kinabalu airport, and transportation cost around Kota Kinabalu. The fee does not include the following: International and/or domestic airfare, visa application/fees, airport tax, insurance, personal incidentals and shopping expenses.

    The fee also includes the cost of transportation for a day trip at the end of the program to either one of the islands within Tunku Abdul Rahman marine park or to Kinabalu Park in the highlands.
    Additional cost will incur if you request for additional activities.[/tab]
    [tab title=”Battambang, Cambodia”]


    This is where STORM first launched. In a year, we had more than 100 participants, all providing great feedback. Pronounced as “Bahd-dhum-bong”, this town is the second largest town in Cambodia next to the capital, Phnom Penh. Battambang is 292 kilometers away (approximately five hours car/bus ride) from Phnom Penh and 80 kilometers (approximately three hours car/bus ride) away from Siem Reap. Running through the town center is the picturesque Sangke River. Battambang is not a very popular tourist destination but is slowly growing in tourist numbers. You will see many french-styled buildings and storefronts among numerous temples and statues in Battambang reflecting its colonial history.

    Battambang is primarily a farmer and trader town and most families are involved in agriculture. Battambang province is also the heart of Cambodia’s ‘rice bowl’ with acres of paddy fields stretching into the rural outskirts. During your visits to the local villages, you will also see see mango, papaya, jackfruit and corn fields, among other crops and the occasional herd of cows too!


    Dates: as per request

    FEES – $290 (USD)

    The package fee includes the following: accommodation cost, all meals throughout the stay, pick up and drop off to/from Siem Reap airport, and transportation cost around Battambang. The fee does not include the following: International and internal airfare, visa application/fees, airport tax, accommodation when travelling independently or on off days, insurance, personal incidentals and shopping expenses.[/tab]


    Fill up the STORM participation form below and we will get in touch with you within 2 working days.

    We look forward to hearing from you!


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